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Maternity Gowns and Styles: Top 5 Trends for Maternity Photos

Just like any industry, maternity photos have trends and styles.  The maternity photography styles have changed a lot within the past 3 years.  I love the direction that we’re in and are headed!  Here, I’ll discuss the top 5 trends for maternity photos in 2023.


1. Couture Gowns

2. Black and White

3. Fabrics

4. Boudoir Style

5. Diamonds







1. Couture gowns are so elegant!


My favorite designer, Katharina Hakaj, has blown me away with her designs and quality.  The fit and construction of her couture gowns are second to none.  And I am so proud to say that I own over 2 dozen of her gowns and YOU get access to all of them for your maternity photos!





2. Black and white photos are ALL the talk now.


It is one of my favorite trends in maternity photos!


If you had asked me 3 years ago if all my clients would choose a black dress for their photos, I wouldn’t have believed you.  But now, almost all of my clients choose a black outfit– whether its a dress or bodysuit.


The black and white style is so classic especially when your partner wears a black suit or tux.  The look is perfection!


To see more of the black and white photo trend visit: Maternity Photos with Black Dress





3.  Draping fabrics are hugely popular right now.


We can do so much with just a little bit of fabric!


Draping a small amount of fabric on your bump or creating a dress out of fabric can really highlight your pregnant body.


Draping fabrics can be simple, solid colors or patterned floral pieces.  I’ve got both in the closet for you to choose from!


To see more of the top trend for maternity photos: draping, please visit: Maternity Photos with Fabric







4. Boudoir style photos are so empowering.


Creating images where you are embracing your pregnant body is so powerful.


Women go through so much during pregnancy, both mentally and physically.  Our changing bodies can be hard to accept and embrace.  But when we are able to overcome our own insecurities and, instead, focus on the extraordinary things our body is doing, we empower ourselves.


One day, you will look at these images with so much nostalgia admiring the woman you were and became as you entered motherhood.






5. Diamond gowns and accessories are so much fun!


Diamonds are a symbol of opulence so, of course, they will look stunning on women who are about to bring life in to the world!


My favorite part of this trend is seeing my clients’ faces when they see themselves in these outfits.  It’s an instant self esteem boost seeing yourself so dolled up and fancy!








Head to the Maternity Guide to get an overview of the Maternity Experience process, see the luxury gowns in the client closet, see reviews, and get inspiration for your session.

I recommend scheduling your photos when you’re 28-32 weeks pregnant.

Once you’re ready to set a date, we can schedule a phone consultation to tailor a photo shoot to your vision and to schedule your session!





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