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Don't DIY Your Maternity Photos: 5 Reasons to Hire a Maternity Photographer

You’re going back and forth trying to decide whether to hire a maternity photographer.


You’ve spent so much money on baby gear already and the thought of spending more on photos makes you nervous.


Is it worth it?


There are many reasons to hire a maternity photographer . I have 5 main reasons, but the number one reason is:




You’re worth it! Everything you have spent money on has been for the BABY.  These photos are for YOU.  It’s a celebration of the woman you are and the woman you become as you start your motherhood journey.






5 reasons to hire a maternity photographer instead of Doing-It-Yourself:



1. Celebrate yourself

2. Professional photographers know the angles that will flatter the pregnant body

3. Posing is our job

4. The dresses, alone, elevate your photos

5. We are masters of lighting







1. Celebrate yourself

In this season of your life, the focus has been on preparing for your baby.  You will soon notice that the motherhood journey is centered around your baby.

Mothers often forget about themselves while caring for their kids.

It’s human nature to want the best for them.  But, we often forget to celebrate ourselves.  We forget how much we sacrifice to be the perfect mom for our kids.

Mama, you HAVE to celebrate yourself.

Motherhood is the most selfless job there is.  You deserve to look and feel beautiful in this season of pregnancy.  You deserve photos of yourself that you can look back on with nostalgia.

Documenting your pregnant body and celebrating yourself is priceless!

The number ONE reason to hire a maternity photographer is to CELEBRATE YOU!







2. Professional photographers know the angles that will flatter the pregnant body

Lets be real. It’s hard to see our bodies change so much in a 6-9 month period.

How did we get so big? Where did that extra chin come from?  How did our arms grow so much when the baby is in our belly? What happen to our ankles?

I get it! I’ve been pregnant twice and I know exactly how you feel!

I’ve photographed over 300 pregnant women and have become a pro at getting the perfect angles to flatter you!

Not only am I great at choosing the right angles, I’m also a pro at editing.  My number one request is to make arms smaller and I can totally do that!

So, mama, don’t stress over your changing body.

When you work with a pro, we guide you and make sure that those insecurities are minimized in your photos!






3. Posing is our job

If someone looks awkward in a photo, its because the photographer didn’t do a good job.

No one every feels comfortable in front of the camera, especially when we don’t feel comfortable in our changing body.  And, its just awkward to have a stranger photograph us.

BUT, my job as a professional photographer is to make you feel comfortable and guide you in posing.

We’ll tell you how to stand, where to put your hands, and we’ll even remind you to smile!

As a maternity photographer, I’ve become an expert at posing the pregnant body while highlighting the bump.

Even the smallest adjustments in posing can make an awkward photo turn in to a magazine-worthy image.

You know you have a good photographer if, by the end of your session, you feel like a model!






4. The dresses, alone, elevate your photos

Don’t stress about finding a dress that you’re only going to wear once.

Professional maternity photographers have dresses that you can use.

My closet, specifically, has designer gowns that flatter the pregnant body.  They’re designed by women, for women.

Most of these gowns are couture and do cost a pretty penny.  There is no need for you to spend that extra money for something you’re only going to wear once.

Plus, I allow you to choose FOUR looks!  So feel free to play dress up and wear a couture gown, real ostrich feather angel wings, or silk fabrics!

Look fabulous without having to spend a dime on dresses!






5. We are masters at lighting

Nothing can make an image look cheap and amateur then bad lighting.

Being able to utilize light to capitalize on the pregnancy glow is an art.

When lighting is done wrong, your flaws are maximized.

Instead of a glow, your face can look oily and tired.  Instead of a cute bump, you can look bigger than you are. Lighting can make or break an image.

During your session with me, we use a variety of lighting set ups to accentuate your glow.  Depending on your vision, we can also play with shadows to highlight your bump and create silhouettes.







I hope this guide that explains the Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Maternity Photographer helps you.

I hope that you choose to celebrate yourself!  Mama, you deserve it.

The things you’re enduring now and throughout motherhood are worth celebrating.

You are worth the investment. 

You are worth celebrating! 






Head to the Maternity Guide to get an overview of the Maternity Experience process, see the luxury gowns in the client closet, see reviews, and get inspiration for your session. I recommend scheduling your photos when you’re 28-32 weeks pregnant.  Once you’re ready to set a date, we can schedule a phone consultation to tailor a photoshoot to your vision and to schedule your session!







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To view my favorite maternity gown designer, visit: Katharina Hakaj Couture

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