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Specializing in Maternity & family photography

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stop hiding behind the camera and start taking photos with your babies!

Treat yourself to a photo shoot filled with self care.

A day to celebrate the amazing mama that you are; all while capturing timeless images with your baby

An experience that will leave you feeling beautiful and recharged so that you can enjoy every moment of motherhood!




celebrating MOMENTS in motherhood

Ready for photos where you look fabulous
your babies are smiling?

It happens every time! 

You ask your husband to take a photo of you and your babies and it turns out horribly.

Is it too much to as for? One photo where both of you are looking at the camera?

You've almost given up on taking photos.  But, you know that you'll regret it later.

Mama, relax.
This is wherE
I come in.

You deserve good photos with your babies


I'M YOUR ORLANDO MOMMY & ME photographer.  I'm excited to create images of you and your baby (ies). 

Images that showcase the connection and love that you have with your kids.

Snapshots that help preserve a piece of your heart and soul.

I want to help document your relationship with your kids and celebrate your journey through  motherhood.


I invite you to join me for an Orlando motherhood session!

- Amy

"She is very patient and easy going especially when taking pictures of an infant"


the process

Set a date that works with your kids' schedule. A day to allow you get pampered together and to spend the day together.

Leave the entire day free without any other plans that way you can focus all your energy on the photo shoot.

My Orlando mommy & me sessions include hair and makeup for mom and a soft, natural pamper for your little one (if they choose)


set a date

My Orlando mommy & me sessions take place in studio or outdoors. 

Studio sessions are focused more on you and your little one.  It is a more controlled environment.

Outdoor sessions can be magical with the golden light and epic backdrops. There is more coordination required and weather is always something to consider.


studio or outdoors?

You'll get the L Balagtas Photography Style Guide and a styling consultation with me. 

We'll also discuss what to bring to your session.  And, we'll discuss different outfits, accessorizing, and coordinating.  



Mamas, you have access to the Client Closet full of high-end, quality dresses. 

You can choose any dress from the collection!

I also offer bodysuits, draping fabrics, and angel wings!

I also offer gowns for girls.

There's also the option of wearing your own outfits!


client closet

The day is finally here! Time for you to relax, get pampered, and let me capture images with your little one(s)!

You'll arrive at my studio and my hair and makeup artist will pamper you for about 2 hours. After you're done, we can pamper your little one with a soft, natural look (if you choose). 


session day

The majority of the time, my families are not professional models, so being in front of a camera can feel weird. This is why I help coach you with posing that is natural and flattering.

Don't worry about being photogenic!  It is my job to capture your beauty and love.  I am a pro at camera angles and posing so all you have to do is laugh and enjoy yourself!

Also, I work as efficiently as possible to get different poses and outfits.

I know how short toddler's and kid's attention spans are so I move quickly!



One week after the session day, I will call you to walk you through the photo proofing process. 

I will show you a gallery of lightly edited images. Then, you will choose the images you love, and we will finalize your purchase.

Once you choose your final images, it will take me 3 weeks to deliver your gallery. 

Each image is individually edited for blemishes, wrinkles, color, and, if you would like, slight slimming and body contouring.



Now offering:
             Premium Prints
             Heirloom Folio Boxes
             Wall Enlargements
             Custom Albums

Your images deserve to be printed and displayed with quality products that'll last generations..

You can choose to store them in a genuine leather folio box, print them in a flat lay album, or create a picture wall.  

Don't leave your photos on a hard drive that may one day corrupt. Have them available to pass on to your children.  You images deserve to be enjoyed daily. Hang them up, create an album, and print your photos!



secure your date

Session Date

Image Viewing and Product Selection

Product & Image delivery


the orlando mommy & me session timeline

Styling Consultation

Consultation to discuss your vision

You're in the right place if you:

want to treat yourself to a day of pampering

want timeless, elegant images WITH your babies

want a photographer who knows how to pose and interact with kids and who moves efficiently to get the shot.

don’t want to worry about finding a professional hair and makeup artist

value images that are individually edited for all the details. PS I do faceswaps of your toddlers at no additional cost!

the best age for a


mommy and me

Under 6 months


Babies under 6 months are typically easy to photograph. They're not yet mobile and they love being in mom's arms. We are able to easily grab their attention and they love cuddling.

This is a wonderful time to capture images of you and your little one.

6 Months


The 6 month age is a big milestone in the first year of life.  A lot of parents celebrate this half birthday with photos.

At 6 months, babies are just learning how to sit and are a lot more alert.  Personalities start to show which can shine in photos.

Babies aren't too mobile yet so they love being in mama's arms.  

I highly recommend a session at this time.

1 year old


The one year old stage is a very special time.  The majority of parents celebrate this.  Your baby has officially become a toddler and its a huge milestone.

This age is a little bit more challenging since babies are mobile and like to explore.  Some babies don't want to be held and their attention can be easily diverted away from the camera.

The entire photoshoot revolves around the baby's tempermate.  Plans, poses, and outfits may change based on how the baby is reacting.

Please keep this in mind when scheduling your session.

Toddlers 1-3 years Old


Toddlers age 1-3 are the most active.  They have a lot of personality and like to explore.  This makes photo shoots challenging.

Although challenging, the images we created during this time period are some of the most cherished.  Personalities shine through in the photos and parents love it!

Having correct expectations for the session can ease some of the stress and frustration that may come if your toddler is not as cooperative as we wish.  Sessions at this age are very much centered around the kids.  We improvise and go in the direction that the kids' energy allows.

Ages 4-12


Photo shoots with kids age 4-12 are fun! Kids can fully communicate and understand photos.  They can follow directions and they can be bribed! LOL They also have a longer attention span which results in more pleasant, less rushed sessions.



Teenagers are unpredictable. Some are fully emerged and enjoy photos while others can care less. You know your child best, so communicating with me their personalities and their interests can help me make the shoot enjoyable for them.  

young Adults


It is NEVER too late to have a photo shoot with your kids. Although the dynamic changes with adult children, the love and connection only grow stronger. 

Adults 30+ Years


At this point, it might not even be you, mom, planning.  Your daughter might be the one organizing this photo shoot hoping for a day to reconnect with her mom as she visits for the holidays.  Or, it might be your son, surprising you for Mother's Day.

These photos tend to be some of the most meaningful.  Through the years, you've raised you kids, watched them grow, and hoped for the best. Now, you get to witness them as adults, making their own decisions and living their own lives.  Spending time together isn't as easy as it once was and so, a day spent together, taking photos, is priceless.

Celbrating motherhood by creating timeless images of you and your babies 






As a parent, we know that the days are long but the years are short.

With the blink of an eye, our babies turn into toddlers, teenagers, adults, and wives, and even mamas.

As moms, we know the importance of photos of our kids but we often neglect ourselves. 

We deserve good pictures WITH our babies.

We deserve photos where we look fabulous AND our kids are smiling.

We deserve photos that you can frame and hang up- images worthy of sharing! 

I want to capture the relationship that you have with your kids.

I want to create images at every stage of your life together.  Images of you with your baby before they take their first steps, images with your kids as they enter grade school, as they enter their teenage years, and as they enter adulthood.

I want to  show you the beauty of all the stages of motherhood.

I want to be able to show that, despite the trials and tribulations of life, one thing remained constant-- your love for your kids.

Join me for an Orlando mommy and me photoshoot to celebrate your journey through motherhood.

One day, your kids will look for images with their mom, 


give them

to find


"my favorite part of the shoot had to be how great she was with my little one"

Quit hiding behind the camera and get timeless photos with your baby

Stop waiting for the "right" time. Your kids are growing and changing NOW

Don't fret about whether you'll be camera ready, my makeup artist will beautify you!

Forget about scouring Pinterest looking for flattering poses-- I'll guide you with posing the entire time!

And... never have to worry about printing and displaying your photos-- I'll design, print, deliver and install your artwork!

Come experience a stress-free Mommy and Me Photoshoot shoot filled with pampering  


Custom couture gown adorned with pearls. Option to show or cover bump. 

Color: Ivory
Size: Small-XL

Matching girls gown available


Custom couture gown adorned with pearls. Option to show or cover bump. 

Color: Ivory
Size: Small-XL

Matching girls gown available



Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Worn off the shoulder.

Color: Emerald
Size: Small-XL

Matching girls gown available

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Worn off the shoulder. Option to show or cover bump. Extra long train

Color: Cream
Size: Small-XXL

Matching girls gown available


Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Worn off the shoulder. Option to show or cover bump. Extra long train

Color: Lilac
Size: Small-XXL


Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Corset top with different 2 sleeve options. Option to show or cover bump.

Color: Redwood
Size: Small-Large

Princess -redwood

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Corset top with different 2 sleeve options. Option to show or cover bump.

Color: Blush
Size: Small-Large

princess -blush

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Corset top. Option to show or cover bump.

Color: Blue
Size: Small-Large

princess -Blue

Custom couture floral made with premium tulle and floral appliques.  Corset top. Option to show or cover bump. Detachable sleeves

Color: Blue
Size: Small-Large


Custom couture floral gown with corset top

Optional ribbon straps, Optional sleeves

Color: Blue
Size: Small-Large
Cup size up to DD


Custom couture gown made with premium floral chiffon.  Corset, strapless top. Option to show or cover bump. Detachable sleeves

Color: White floral
Size: Small-XL


Custom couture gown made with premium floral chiffon.  Corset, strapless top. Option to show or cover bump.

Optional sleeves and tulle straps

Color: Cream
Size: Small-XL

Cami- Cream

Custom couture gown made with premium floral chiffon.  Corset, strapless top. Option to show or cover bump.

Optional sleeves and tulle straps

Color: Blush
Size: Small-XL

Cami- blush

Handmade, couture angel wings in blush


angel wings

Couture gown with corset top, lace up back, and floral design.  Optional lining available so gown is not as sheer Optional sleeves

Color: White Floral
Size: Small-Large


Couture gown with corset top and lace up back.  

Color: Pink
Size: Small-Large

Pink Time After Time

Custom couture tulle gown with corset top

Optional ribbon straps, Optional sleeves

Color: Blue
Size: Small-Large
Cup size up to DD

Time After Time Blue

Custom couture tulle gown with corset top

Optional ribbon straps, Optional sleeves

Color: Red
Size: Small-Large
Cup size up to DD

Time After Time Red

Couture gown with corset top, lace back, and pleated design.  Option to cover or show bump.  Optional skirt lining available,

Color: Beige
Size: Small-Large


Couture premium tulle robe with all the glam that you could ever dream of. 

Color: Mauve
Size: One Size fits All

barbie- Blush

Couture premium tulle robe with all the glam that you could ever dream of. 

Color: Purple- Can be edited different shades of purple
Size: One Size fits All

barbie- purple

Couture premium tulle robe with all the glam that you could ever dream of. 

Color: Steel blue
Size: One Size fits All

barbie - Blue

Couture premium tulle robe with all the glam that you could ever dream of. 

Color: Mint Green
Size: One Size fits All

barbie - Mint

Custom couture robe made with premium tulle . 

Color: Emerald 
Size: One Size fits most

Barbie- Emerald

Couture premium tulle gown hand sewn floral details and embellished under layer

Color: Red  
Size: Small-XL


runway- red

Couture premium tulle gown hand sewn floral details and embellished under layer

Color: Ivory
Size: Small-XL

Matching girls gown available


runway- ivory

Couture premium tulle gown hand sewn floral details and embellished under layer

Color: Blush
Size: Small-2XL

Matching girls gown available


runway- Blush

Couture premium tulle gown with hand sewn embellishments 

Color: emerald
Size: Small-L



Couture halter dress drenched in diamonds.  Open back. 

Color: Silver
Size: S-M



Couture halter dress drenched in diamonds.  Open back. 

Color: Black
Size: S-M



Diamond encrusted, long sleeve, floor length gown.

Color: Silver
Size: S-L



The little black dress with long sleeves and trumpet bottom.  

Color: Black
Size: Small-XL


The little black dress with off the shoulder sleeves and a sexy, thigh-high slit.  

Color: Black
Size: 2 sizes: Medium and 3XL


Black corset top with couture sleeves.  Option: use black fabric or black tulle for skirt or wear underwear

Color: Black
Cup sizes up to DD


white corset top with couture sleeves.  

Show or cover bump

Color: white


Long sleeve black dress with exposed bump 

Color: Black
Size: Medium- XL


Geometric style dress in black
Color: Black
Size: Medium- L


Oversized bow top with soft, chiffon skirt

Color: Black
Size: one size


Oversized bow top with soft, chiffon skirt

Color: White
Size: one size


The little black dress with cut-out midsection  

Color: Black
Size: Small-M


Floral and Ombre fabrics

Patterned fabrics

white chiffon 
pink chiffon
baby blue chiffon
royal blue chiffon
steel blue chiffon
soft blue tulle 
gold silk
emerald green/teal silk
gold chiffon
rust/redwood chiffon
pink embellished


This artist photo has you hanging from an aerial fabric. The set up includes aerial fabric bolted to the ceiling beams and harnessed with climbing carabiners

This look does NOT take away from your 4 outfits. 

This can be a bonus add on to any session- no addiitonal cost

Hanging Fabric

Size: Small-Large

These can be an additional 5th look.


Various Bodysuits in different styles, colors, and sizes

Other styles and colors not pictured


Crystal Body Jewelry paired with tossing fabric. Can be paired with any fabric or worn alone

This can be an additional 5th look

Size: One Size

body Jewelry

White suit jacket and pants

Size XS-Medium

White suit

Silk Gown with side slit 

Color: Shiny Champagne
Size: Small-XL


Subtle Blush dress

Top can be worn multiple ways

Size: Small-2XL

Pink Petal

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Deep V neck top with layered skirt.  Option to show or cover bump.

Color: Burgundy
Size: Small-XL


Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Sweetheart top, option to cover or show bump, and 2 options of sleeves 

Color: royal blue
Size: Small-XL


Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Sweetheart top, option to cover or show bump

Color: blue
Size: Small-XXL

rihanna- Baby Blue

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Corset top with lace back and off the shoulder sleeves.

Color: Blush/Beige
Size: Small-XL


Premium tulle robe with bold shoulders and tiered skirt and tie waste. Can be worn with pink undergarments or bodysuit

Color: Fuschia
Size: One Size


Crystal Diamond encrusted bodysuit.  Stretchy material that can fit maternity and non-maternity

Size: S-L

Diamond Bodysuit

Mermaid Style gown featuring adjustable sweetheart neckline, flirty droop, fluter sleeves, and a show stopping tiered mermaid skirt.

Color: Steel Blue
Size: Small-Large


Boho style dress

Color: Light  Blue
Size: Small-XL


Premium tulle gown with long sleeves and over-the-top ruffle bottom. Worn with black undergarments or black slip

Color: black
Size: Small-XL


Hundreds of diamonds sewn on a mesh cape in black and white

This can be an additional 5th look

One size


Renaissance inspired gown featuring a stunning off-the-shoulder flounce cape and a form fitting bodice in stretch jersey to accentuate your feminine curves..

Color: White
Size: Small-XLarge


Boho inspired gown with one-of-a- kind vintage lace.  Deep v-neckline, open back, and large sleeves create the perfect boho vibes. Option to be worn with nude colored slip.

Color: White
Size: Small-XLarge


Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Full sleeves with frill shoulder piece and extra full skirt. Option to show or cover bump

Color: Ombre Grey-Navy
Size: Small-Large


Mermaid Style dress with sweetheart top and tulle bottom

Color: Purple
Size: Med- XL


Of the shoulder lace top with mermaid bottom. Lux jersey material throughout with delicate lace on top.

Optional: chiffon tossing train (can also be added to blush Krysten gown)

Color: Blush
Size: Med-XLarge

cenna + tossing skirt

Rose gold sequin, two piece dress with lined top and unlined bottom.

Color: Rose Gold
Size: Small-Large


Stretch, lux jersey gown featuring classic boat neck top and a slim-fit style skirt and sleeves.

Color: Blush Pink
Size: Small-Large

krysten- Blush

Stretch, lux jersey gown featuring classic boat neck top and a slim-fit style skirt and sleeves.

Color: White
Size: Small-Large

krysten- White

Extra long rainbow skirt with sweetheart top or full coverage white gown.  Can be worn with bump covered or shown.

Color: rainbow
Size: Small-XLarge


Custom couture robe made with premium tulle.  Layered skirt with dramatic shoulder pieces. Matching lace bodysuit

Color: Light pink
Size: One Size


Luxe jersey gown featuring adjustable sweetheart neckline, classic off-the- shoulder long sleeves, and a slim fit skirt. Custom extended train

Color: Blue Rain
Size: Small-Large


Cotton gown with tossing train.

Color: Wine
Size: Small-Med

Couture premium tulle robe  

Color: Blue (can be edited green, purple or teal)
Size: One Size fits All


Off shoulder 2 piece Boho gown. Button detail on skirt with lace trim. 

Color: off white
Size: Small-2XLarge


Stretch jersey gown with adjustable straps and extra stretch waist. Designed by Reclamation Design Co. Can be worn under the Lyla lace gown

Beige hat to finish the look (can be used with any gown)

Color: Beige
Size: Small-Large


Boho lace gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves and option to show or cover the bump.

Color: lilac
Size: Small-Large


A slim fit gown featuring adjustable sweetheart neckline, off shoulder short sleeves, and a sleek fitted skirt.

Color: Antique Rose
Size: Small-Large


Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  Option for round or V neck. Asymmetric sleeves

Color: deep purple
Size: Small-XL


Chiffon, boho gown with bishop sleeves and two, thigh high slits. Can be worn with matching slip.

Color: Mauve
Size: Med- XXL


V-neck, long sleeve, Chantilly lace gown. Option to wear a knee-length slip or white undergarments.

Color: White
Size: 3 different sizes:
Medium, XL, XXXL


Client GOWNS



Client GOWNS

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  

Matching mama's gowns available

Color: Emerald 
Fits Size: 4-7

coco Emerald

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  

Matching mama's gowns available

Color: Emerald green 
Fits size 2T-4T

the coco-toddler- Green

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  

Matching mama's gowns available

Color:  Baby Blue
Size: Fits 2T-4T

the coco-toddler-Blue

Custom couture gown made with premium tulle.  

Matching mama's gowns available

Color:  Cream
Size: 2T and 5T (can fit a range of sizes)

the coco Cream

Couture premium tulle gown hand sewn floral details and embellishments and full tutu skirt

Coordinating mama's gown available

Color: pink
Size: Fits 2T-4T


Couture premium tulle gown hand sewn floral details and embellishments and optional overskirt

Matching mama's gown available

Color: Ivory
Size: Fits size 3T-5T

runway - ivory

Custom tulle high-low gown with hand sewn floral and bead embellishments

Matching mama's gowns available

Size 5-10
Color: shades of pink

Hailey Pink

Custom tulle high-low gown with hand sewn floral and bead embellishments

Matching mama's gown available

Fits Size 4-8
Color: red

hailey- red

Beige dress, stretchy bodice

Matching mama's gown available in Women's Size XL

Size: Girl's 11-12

Sparkle Beige

Pink dress with stretchy bodice

Matching mama's gown available in Women's size 1X

Size: Girl's 9-10

Sparkle Pink

Blue dress with stretchy bodice

Size Girl's 6-7

Sparkle Blue

Green Tulle Gown

Girl's Size 12-18 months

Emerald Ivy

Size 6 months-18 months
Color: pink

Coordinating hair piece available


Size 6 months-18 months
Color: soft blush

Coordinating hair piece available


Size 6 months-18 months
Color: White

Coordinating hair piece available


Size 6 months-18 months
Color: White

Coordinating hair piece available


Size 6 months-18 months
Color: Blue

Coordinating hair piece available


Size 6 months-18 months
Color: Blue

Coordinating hair piece available


Black faux leather jacket

Also available: matching mom's jacket

Size 6 months-18 months
Color: Black Leather

Leather Jacket

Jean jacket

Also available: matching mom's jacket

Size 6 months-18 months

Jean Jackets

Girls' GOWNS



Girls' GOWNS


"She was silly with my daughter and had a lot of tricks to help my toddler cooperate and get excited for the pictures

the days are long but the


are short

The reviews

I have never felt so beautiful. As a mom, it’s easy to put ourselves last. Easy to concentrate more on our families needs than our own. When Lanh mentioned doing a solo session, I was a bit hesitant . But I am so glad I did. I felt so pampered and so pretty.

Being pregnant isn’t always sunshine and roses. My body has changed so much and sometimes that’s hard to accept. When I look at the images Lanh created, I see myself differently. Although my body has changed, it is amazing and it is growing another beautiful daughter.

Thank you so much, Lanh, for allowing me to see the beauty in my pregnant body and for making me feel so gorgeous!


Where do I begin? This is my first pregnancy and it has been a little rough, to say the least, dealing with all the COVID.  I was so lucky to find Lanh. I sent her an email and she emailed me right back. She fit me in that weekend at 38 weeks pregnant!!

I had been feeling so self conscious of my changing body and she made me feel beautiful which, honestly, is priceless. I was completely pampered from the moment I walked in, got my hair and make up done, and got to wear her fabulous dresses. She made my husband and I feel comfortable in front of the camera and took the most gorgeous pictures!

I cannot wait to come back for a Mommy and me shoot! If I could give her a 10 out of 5 I would. Thank you so much for reminding me of the beauty in pregnancy and capturing these memories that I will cherish forever!

jailee + kevin

My maternity session was one of the best moment of my pregnancy. This was my first pregnancy so everything was new to me and I had hard time accepting my new body. Gaining 30LB in such a short period of time was very hard on me physically and mentally, however Lanh helped me celebrate my body, my journey of becoming a mother and also capturing the love between my husband and I.

We had to cancel wedding due to covid back in 2020, and we decided to start our family instead. It was always my dream to wear beautiful dress and take pictures. Lanh made sure I got that and I cannot thank her enough for this.

I am so happy that I got these amazing photos to remember and share with my son one day!

If you are not sure about maternity photos, I truly recommend booking a session with her not just to get beautiful photos but also to treat yourself and prepare for labor❤️ Celebrate your body’s amazing work is so important, I am so happy to find such a great photographer who taught me this and I cannot wait for next maternity or family photos we can take!

yuki + miguel

I’m not sure if I have enough words to describe how wonderful my experience was with working with Lanh.

From the introductory call, Lanh made my husband and I feel so comfortable.

She made us feel like we’ve known her our entire lives and were the bestest of friends. She welcomed us with opened arms and paid attention to everything we said we wanted…

Shoot day came and I was a little nervous but showing up there she immediately put me at ease.

Both my husband and I never felt like we were being photographed by an amazing professional photographer but rather a really close friend.

But truly, I do not have enough words to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Lanh.

She is one of the most understanding, easy- to-work with, and  genuine person I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around.

Shivanee & Jason

Lanh was incredible to work with and very personable. She not only captured these beautiful photos but she made the whole shoot a fun experience. Most of my pregnancy I had struggled with my body changing but Lanh helped me embrace the changes. I swear I have never felt more beautiful than I did on that day! This was truly an experience I will never forget and now I have these gorgeous photos to cherish forever.

sarah + robb

Lanh was incredible. My husband and I are very awkward camera people but her wardrobe skills, coaching, encouragement, and the entire vibe of her studio were so impeccable it put us at ease immediately. Her turnaround times on proofs and final images were also above and beyond what we expected, and having everything included  made the stress level of getting everything taken care of nonexistent.

Lanh was also super responsive over phone/text and email. I cannot recommend her enough — or Mel, the hair & makeup artist!  (Be warned: However many photos you think you're going to buy, it's going to be more, lol. They're that good.)

jen + josh

I was very skeptical at first to take maternity pics because of pricing and just being super picky in general. 

Lanh has been such a wonderful photographer and person to work with! I regret NOTHING! She made me feel so beautiful and made the session fun! I am so glad I was able to meet her and have her capture a beautiful time in my life !!!! The hair and make-up was divine and she nailed the look I wanted. These photos are an investment but so so so worth it!!!! All moms should have these types of memories in their homes! Thank you Lanh <3



From the initial conversation to the final delivery of photos, Lanh was nothing but EXCEPTIONAL!

Hair and make up alone made be feel like a movie star. Then stepping in front of the photography backgrounds and having her assistant toss my dress train into the air, I felt like an absolute model.

Prior to the photoshoot my husband wasn’t really sure why we needed maternity photos, let alone why he needed to be involved. During and after the shoot, he totally got it.

Lanh captured our love for each other, the love for our growing baby, and the excitement for what’s to come in this new chapter of our lives.

I’ll be forever grateful for the artwork and memories she created for us.

Lanh, one thousand times, “thank you”!

Suzanne & Jeff

Everything about my experience with Lanh was nothing short of fabulous. When I was looking for a maternity photographer, I knew I wanted someone who offered a client closet. While there are a few photographers who offer that, none of their websites were as detailed and thorough as Lanh's. She was very helpful as I tried on dress after dress in her studio as we worked to find the perfect ones to make me feel amazing.

As the day of the shoot drew near, she kept me updated with email reminders and again was always very timely with her responses.

Lanh thinks of everything and will have you covered from head to toe. Hair and makeup was flawless and will make you feel like a goddess.

For the actual shoot, she brings a pop-up tent so you can change into your various outfits and made us feel so at ease. I know most people will say they aren't naturals in front of the camera or know how to pose but again, Lanh will guide you the entire way.

Gallery delivery was super fast as was her turnaround for the final images that we selected. And lastly, the photos are beautiful. You will not regret working with Lanh!


tiffani + steve

I don't think I've ever felt more beautiful. 

These pictures made this entire pregnancy feel like what I always thought being pregnant should feel like. With the COVID virus we couldn't do anything. But I wouldn't trade these pictures for all the baby showers in the world. I think thanking you is such an understatement. You are so wonderful and made me feel so confident!


Lanh was amazing and went above and beyond during our maternity photoshoot. Her photos are breath taking and look like they came out of a fairytale. She truly captures your family in a beautiful way and really listens to what your vision is.

This was our first professional photoshoot and we wanted to capture photos that were memorable for our family and son. She made sure everything was perfect during the session. I loved the gowns she lets you try on-it made me feel so beautiful for the day! She knew how to capture the best photos and took different shots with the lighting. She is amazing and an expert at professional photos.

I can’t say enough good things about her. Our photos came out so beautiful. She also made us a professional photo album and 2 beautiful canvases that are now hanging in our living room. I’m in love with our photo albums and look at it constantly!!!I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family. Book her, she is worth every penny!

samantha + chris


Lanh's gown closet was extensive and I got to CHOOSE MULTIPLE LOOKS FOR MY SHOOT! Her photos were stunning and while I was worried about the price tag a bit, if you consider the cost of the dresses you would purchase plus consider cost for hair and make up it's a deal.

Day of the shoot she brings a portable tent for you to change into your different gowns. She sets your shoot at what she calls "the Golden hour." This seemed silly at first. But, trust the professional!! The lighting was perfect!! She was patient and directed me and my family.

The icing on the cake of an already amazing experience... the actual photos ( which is what matters, am I right). Ugh ...they were stunning! I was in love with all of them! You pay for what you get! I promise you won't be disappointed! Worth every single penny I spent! I cannot thank you enough, Lanh! Truly, your so gifted at what you do!! Still so in love with my photos!


Where do I begin? Lanh was such an amazing photographer to work with. She was not only professional, she was super kind and patient as well. You can tell this is her passion because she puts her entire heart and soul into her work.

She was able to work with my crazy schedule and had everything set up from hair and makeup to finalizing photos and making sure all the details were just right.

I felt so comfortable around her and I think that is very important. I couldn’t be happier to have found her and my pictures are so absolutely perfect.

I am beyond happy with the final product. Thank you again Lanh for everything and I hope to work with you again one day!


The experience I had with Lanh was exceptional.

Lanh is such a patient photographer and the whole process went so smoothly for me. And that’s saying a lot bc I have an incredibly moody 2 yr old son who was definitely not willing to be cooperative. But Lanh was so patient with us and did not pressure us at all with him.

I told her I had very realistic expectations when it came to photos that included my toddler but she definitely worked her magic and we ended up with pictures I didn’t even think would be possible.

She’s such a calming presence and my husband and I felt so comfortable the entire time. Not to mention, the amount of absolutely beautiful dresses she has in her client closet is incredible!

Christine & richard

I had the most amazing maternity experience with Lanh. She does such amazing work and makes you feel so beautiful. I’m no model but she sure made me feel like one! She helped me pose and made sure each detail was right.

From the makeup to the dresses to her studio, it was a dream day. My pictures turned out even better then a ever imagined. I am seriously so happy I found her and booked with her. You won’t regret it!  


Booking my maternity session with Lanh was everything I could have ever dreamed of! I knew I wanted her to photograph my last maternity session even before I was pregnant.

The whole process was so easy and I didn’t have to worry about hair and make-up or what to wear! She has a whole wardrobe closet that clients can choose from. What’s even more impressive is that she did our summer session while pregnant herself! We were only a few weeks apart and she made sure that we were both hydrated and had rest in between shots.

Don’t even hesitate, if her gallery alone isn’t enough to convince you, her professionalism and just wonderful personality should! She is worth the investment!


Lanh is such a kind & talented artist who made me feel so incredibly beautiful during such a special moment in my life. Her maternity photoshoot package included such an amazing wardrobe to choose from. 

Overall the day of the photoshoot went very smoothly. My husband and I felt incredibly comfortable around Lanh. I think this was so important as it is such an intimate and special moment that’s being captured.

I am so blessed to have such beautiful photos that capture this season in my life. I will cherish them forever and I hope my daughter will too. Overall I am so happy I made the investment in an artist who had an all inclusive package with outfits and hair and makeup. It took the stress away from shopping for maternity gowns that I will never wear again. The convenience and low stress made every penny worth it and resulted in some beautiful photos.

brittany + corey

From the session with Lanh,  I able to have beautiful pictures of my daughter.  Also, I honestly have to admit, it rekindled a flame with my husband! Being first time parents was definitely an experience and finding the balance for one another was an obstacle. But having these pictures, I’m reminded of the amazing man that he is. I can’t stop looking at the pictures of him and our daughter together! I can feel my heart beating faster and I can’t stop smiling!

For me, it was stressful trying to plan a family photography session and coordinating outfits, but Lanh was patient with us and guided us through it all. She was amazing with our daughter! She got her to smile and that in itself made the experience all so worth it! I mean come on, what parent wouldn’t melt at the sight of their baby’s laughter and smile?!🥰 Lanh, thank you. Truly, thankful for your genuine passion with photography. Only a great photographer is able to capture what love would look like.

linda + khanh

I can not say enough how much we loved having Lanh as our wedding photographer! She was helpful every step of the way sharing her professional insight which not only made our photos amazing but helped relief some stress the day of the wedding.

Ladies we all know we only want to look our very best in our wedding photos after all these are photos you want to look back fondly and instantly take you back to that day. Lanh made me feel comfortable and even gave direction on how to angle my face arm etc to make sure I would love how I looked in the photos.

She was quick and percise we could not believe how good the photos looked when we got the gallery!

She offers a premium album as well which we have and we love to show it off the quality is amazing and we love having memories that are tangible not on a usb or dvd, something that we can share quickly with family members and friends. If you are in search for a photographer for your special day I HIGHLY recommend her!

janice + richard

I found Lanh and was so excited that she offered not only beautiful couture gowns but on-site hair and makeup. It was a one stop shop and I was only going to have to worry about showing up for our photoshoot.

The day of was super simple. I showed up, got pampered with hair and makeup, and Lanh was so attentive and helpful getting dressed. My experience could not have been better and our photos were amazing.

So amazing that we recently took some updated family pictures - some which included a 4 generations photo. The process was just as simple and easy as the first time despite having my mom, grandma, and baby joining the pictures this time.

Lanh displayed such care and patience when photographing the baby, taking breaks when needed if the baby was being fussy, and overall top tier professionalism.
a week ago

Ivana & Bobby

Having my maternity pictures with Lanh was an absolute wonderful experience. She was excellent with her communication from the very beginning. She explained exactly what I would be expecting from start to finish. Her website is easy to navigate & super user friendly.

I AM IN LOVE WITH HER WARDROBE. It was super hard to choose from all of her beautiful gowns, but she will help you with your final decision as well!.

Lanh, being a mom herself was also interactive & helpful with my daughter during our session, which allowed her to stay relaxed & cooperative (as much as 2 year olds can be lol) She helped me feel comfortable during my session which I was nervous about because I'm not good at taking pictures.

I am stunned by the final results, they are memories I will treasure forever! My husband feels the same way with her session as well!

manisha + ali

I had a maternity photo session with my husband and daughter by Lanh. It was just so fun and relaxing!

Lanh works efficiently and works well with all personality types. She has an eye and is extremely detail oriented. You really don't have to worry about a thing, she does that for you. For example she put lotion on my ashy legs, She was silly with my daughter and had a lot of tricks to help my toddler cooperate and get excited for the pictures.

She is extremely professional and you can feel her passion that fills the room and exudes through the photos.

Throughout the session she tells you how to pose, and shows you previews. It was just one of the most exciting, relaxing and fun experiences.

My family had fun as well. Zero stress.

Cindy & Dong

Lanh was so warm and thorough with her work. She took the time to talk to me and help me understand her work.

Lanh has an amazing wardrobe that was included. This is big for me because finding outfits to wear once that may not even look good is stressful. Her gowns are to die for!

I also wanted to include my daughter in the shoot and she was one year old. Lanh was prepared with snacks and toys and was very patient with us. She let my daughter take the lead and worked around her. If you think you can't pose or anything, don't worry Lanh got you! She helped us with all our poses and paid attention to the details. She made small hand placement adjustments, making the picture look much better. That is definitely something you would want your photographer to have.

Now I have an amazing album that I can look back at that I have with my first born and of my last pregnancy. I am truly grateful!

Jenny & Brian

Incredibly talented and such a warm, welcoming and easy going person! I’ll start this review by saying she’s as close to a miracle worker as you can get. A few months ago when I contacted Lanh I had a vision in my head and it took only a couple of hours to finalize details and we were set.

The day of the shoot came and the weather ruined our plans but she still managed to get some really beautiful and absolutely stunning shots (Miracle) she worked through the rain, the humidity, mosquitoes, a very tired and hot momma, and my poor husband who has no idea how to pose and hates to smile for pictures. (Again, miracle.) We ended up with breathtaking photos. AND I got pictures of my husband smiling! 

I’ve adored everything of working with her and I cannot stop telling everyone about her  I’m so happy to have connected with her and I’m glad we now have a family photographer to capture our little family. Lanh, thank you so much for such a wonderful job and creating amazing memories for our son.

the rubios

If you want to be treated like a queen for your maternity photos Lanh is the one to go to!

My husband and I are not the best at taking photos and she was able to provide us with direction and made us feel so comfortable.

I enjoyed having my hair and makeup done by Mel! She executed the look perfectly!

I also had my two year old and Lanh was so patient and understanding. 

You will not regret having Lanh as your photographer!

The Nguyens

I am soooo happy with the experience I had with Lanh; and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to a photographer to capture the essence and beauty of pregnancy.

2020 was such a busy year for me, that it wasn’t until a month before I actually gave birth that I was finally thinking; that I should have taken maternity pics. I thought it was impossible to find someone to do them that late, so I accepted that I wouldn’t have any. Then, a friend of mine found Lanh’s page on IG; and encouraged me to try her as a one stop location for the hair, makeup, attire, and the dresses needed for my shoot.

Lanh was quick to respond when I reached out. I couldn’t have asked for a more efficient and effective photographer, everyone is just as in love with my photos as I am. I will cherish them for a lifetime. 

petro-keen + ruel

I loved Lanh from the moment I contacted her. She returned all inquiries within minutes. She provided an information brochure on the best way to prepare for our family photos, suggested how to pull together color coordination since there were 13 of us.

The day of the shoot, she was wonderful and was organized. She worked well with our four young grandchildren and even knew to bribe them with candy.

The pictures turned out beautifully. She gave us a sneak preview and the full album earlier than expected. I can't say enough good things about Lanh. We feel totally blessed that she was our photographer for our family.

the borsts

I appreciate Lanh and her work! The day I called to speak with her about a maternity photoshoot, she quickly helped us set a date and time. 

When I arrived for the photoshoot, she had everything prepared. She even offered water and snacks! I was very impressed with her professionalism and kindness. She made the entire experience amazing. I was astonished that Lanh had such a wonderful wardrobe to borrow from for the photos! (Such a plus!!) She made us feel very comfortable! 

Lanh was very responsive to all of the questions I had during the entire process. She is a dream to work with and is passionate about her artwork. Needless to mention, her photography speak for itself!


Lanh shot our maternity shoot today and honestly we have never had a better experience. She was SO friendly and so professional. My husband and I were a bit nervous and honestly felt a little unprepared but Lanh took care of posing and positioning for the perfect lighting-I mean she even had a STAND to get the perfect shot from above!

We were put at such ease and my husband was so impressed (he is very camera shy). Even straight from the camera the shots looked AMAZING.

the hernandez's

Lanh was absolutely wonderful to work with! I was extremely hesitant on doing a maternity shoot and I had no idea how it would be. Lanh exceeded all of my expectations! Not only did she successfully create the images I had in my head but she offered her own suggestions that turned out so beautiful. She is experienced and knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable. I recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer! I had so much fun and I can't wait to shoot with her again.