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Must Have Poses for your Maternity Photoshoot: 5 Top Maternity Poses

As an expecting mom, your body has changed so much that you don’t know the best angles and or the top maternity poses to accentuate your bump. 


You want to look beautiful but you’re not sure how to pose, where to put your hands, or how your husband should stand.


Most people are not models and are not comfortable in front of the camera. 


Sometimes, we feel awkward in during a photo shoot.


This is why I created this blog post. I want you to look stunning while showing off that beautiful baby bump. Let that pregnancy glow shine with the 5 Top Maternity Poses that are both flattering and timeless.


Now, if you’re a client of mine, I guide you the ENTIRE way. You don’t have to worry about any maternity poses, angles, or lighting. I will take care of ALL of that. You just make sure you smile and have fun.





The 5 Top Maternity Poses: 

1. Looking at bump

2. Looking at each other

3. Looking at the camera

4. A silhouette photo

5. A power pose


1. Looking at the bump

The classic photo where you and your partner are both looking at the bump aka your baby. While looking at the bump, think about how you’ll feel the first time you get to meet your baby.  This will automatically put a soft smile in your lips AND lighten up your eyes.





2. Looking at each other

You and your partner created life.  Your love will be the foundation of a new life.  Think about the love that you share for each other and this will create the most genuine smiles.









3. Looking at the camera

You cannot NOT have the most classic photo where you both are looking at the camera.  As much all my clients say they want more candid photos, they ALWAYS purchase at least 1 photo where they’re both looking at the camera.  And typically, this image ends up being the photo they choose to display on their walls.








4. A Silhouette photo

Everyone has to have the maternity pose that shows off your profile.  This highlights the baby bump and the cute curves you obtain while growing life.  Make sure to separate your arms from your body to get the profile of both the bump and the back.







5. The power pose

This must have maternity pose is the most advanced of all 5 I mentioned.  It does require some coaching and guidance.  I usually do this pose at the end of the session after you’ve become comfortable and confident in your posing.  Make sure your photographer guides you on where and how to place your arms to make sure it flatters your body. 









I hope this blog posts helps you with posing and guides your with the 5 must have, top maternity poses that I recommend.  Remember, your photographer should be guiding you so that you feel comfortable and so that you get all the must-have shots for your photoshoot.





If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: lbalagtasphotography@gmail.com





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