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Photoshop Editing Magic: Maternity Photos Before and After Editing

Not sure how amazing your images will turn out?  Wonder what maternity photos before and after editing look like? 

A lot of clients have a hard time envisioning what their final images will look like. I’ve created this blog post for you to see the potential in your images and help you see what an image starts off as and then the final, edited product. Maternity photos before and after editing can be subtle or drastic!

The images I deliver in your proofing gallery are lightly edited but your final images is where all the magic and detailed editing occur.  I always edit: frizzy hair, backdrops, blemishes, and I also soften skin discolorations.  I am often asked to do mild body contouring and remove underarm or back folds. 

Below you will see the more obvious photoshop fixes.  These include: background extension, underwear removal, fabric composites, and face swaps. 

The majority of my edits are more subtle.  I’ve worked hard to get great looking images without the need for photoshop.  Knowing the correct lighting, angles, and flattering poses that would go best with your body type and the gown you chose help make the original image look great, straight out of camera. Most of the time, my editing is more subtle and includes more focus on skin imperfections.


Please let me know if you have any questions about your own images. 



Fabric Tossing & Composites



Neck Edits



Hanging Fabric Pose



Face Swap



Frizzy Hair Edits



Backdrop Extension



Face swap and back drop edit



Backdrop extension



Undergarment edits






Backdrop edit and undergarment removal




Skin tone and chest edits



Backdrop and skin tone edit



Arm and Breast folds



Blotchy skin edit


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