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Linda's: Green and Gold Bridal Shower

Linda’s pinterest worthy green and gold bridal shower was so lovely!  Everything came out perfectly including the date choice!  She LOVES the color green and the date was chosen before we realized that it was also St. Patty’s day.  What better way to spend a Saturday, St. Patty’s afternoon than drinking mimosas with some of your closest friends?!? And, come on, there was an ICE CREAM bar!

“She is humble and simple.  She doesn’t think she deserves the spotlight. “

Linda initially didn’t want anything special because, truthfully, that’s just how she is.  She is humble and simple.  She doesn’t think she deserves the spotlight.  But little does she realize, she is the one that deserves it the MOST!  Through the years, she has been the one working behind the scenes; crafting and planning things for all her friends.  She’s come early to set up and stays late to help clean up.  She is sweet, thoughtful, and genuine and it was a PLEASURE showering her and loving on her during her green and gold theme bridal shower!

“She twirled in it and her face lit up!”

The bridesmaids and I (the forgotten one) wanted Linda to feel special on her wedding day.  We had all gone wedding dress shopping with her and she had always wanted a big flowy skirt to wear.   A few weeks back, I came across a dress that had the skirt that she dreamed of.  We made a spontaneous trip to the bridal store and she fell in love.  Being the humble girl she is, she pretended that she didn’t like it.  I knew better.  I discussed it with her bridesmaids and we decided to buy her the skirt as a bridal gift.  When she tried it on, she couldn’t hide her feelings.  She was ecstatic.  She loved it.  She twirled in it and her face lit up!

Linda, YOU deserve all the good things in life!  You are kind and sweet.   We can’t wait to continue to celebrate your love with Khanh!  Just 6 more days!!!


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