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Brenda & Box: Newborn, In Home Session

I walked towards their door, slowly and quietly opened it and saw Box in a rocking chair.  Rowen was laying on his chest.  She was fidgeting in his arms while he softly shhhh-ed to help soothe her. As the shhh’s continued, you could see Rowen drifting in to sleep; her eyes slowly giving in and letting themselves close.  Box’s face turned from concern to relief.  She hadn’t slept all night and Box knew she was tired.  He was tired too.  Box continued to hold her, afraid of waking her if he put her down.  So they sat in the rocking chair, swaying back and forth, while Rowen slept quietly in his arms. My heart melted during this in home, newborn session.  I loved watching these first time parents interact with their new bundle of joy! 

Who knew something so little could take up so much room in your heart?!

Brenda has been my best friend since our college days together.   I’ve watched her and Box fall in love.  I’ve watched them grow as a couple, just the two of them, for 10 years.  I thought I had seen it all from them but this interaction, as first time parents, was so much different than what I had witnessed.   Watching Box hold Rowen on his chest, in the silence, I could just feel the love that he had.  Every time I saw Box look at Brenda, it was with a look of gratitude and of deeper love than ever before.   Who knew that something so little could take up soooo much room in your heart and make you feel so much more than you have ever felt?

Box describes his love for Rowen as “instant.”  Brenda agrees.  The moment Box layed eyes on Rowen was special.  Through the 12+ hours of labor and pain (with no epidural!), Brenda clearly and distinctively remembers that one moment.  Despite being tired, despite being groggy, she remembers this.

Brenda and Box, it was an honor witnessing you two be first time parents.  Your love for one another has never been stronger and the way you support and love each other is #goals.  I can’t wait to see you raise Rowen and for her to become just as beautiful, inside and out, as her mom.   You have been some of the sweetest friends to Joey and me.  Brenda, you know I see you as the sister I never had.  I consider myself her aunt through my relationship with you (not Box, LOL) because you have been one of my biggest supporters and my most caring friends. I am so happy for you two!  Congratulations!!!

  Your love for one another has never been stronger and the way you support and love each other is #goals.

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