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Quyen & Ronnie | Banff Engagement: Banff Lake Louise Engagement

Ronnie & Quyen’s Banff Engagement Photos

I’ve been Quyen’s unofficial “life coach” for a few years now.  Quyen has come to me for advice about random stuff related to travel, finances, and life.  When it came to her wedding, she expressed her frustration with planning (as every other bride trying to plan a 500+ guests wedding would).  I’m very biased on weddings since I love planning and attending them.   But, my philosophy on weddings is that it is the one of two times where all of your friends and family will unite in one place to be with you.  The only other time would be your funeral— and of course you won’t be able to participate in that.  Weddings are just special.  They bring people together.  It’s a time of joy and celebration.

“Its moments like these that make all the planning WORTH IT.”

When I heard of the story of Quyen’s grandfather (Ong), my heart melted.  Ong had been looking forward to Quyen’s wedding.  It was the first wedding in her family and it was a big deal.  As the day approached, Ong was getting weak.  Ong would ask about Quyen daily.  He forced himself to eat to maintain strength so that he could see his granddaughter on her wedding day.  He pushed through and stayed strong for her.  He even went as far as making the family promise to continue with the wedding even if he could not witness it.

On the day of the wedding, the family facetimed Ong and he got to witness his granddaughter get married.  Quyen talked to him and told him that she loved him.  He sobbed.  He cried the happy tears.  He could not believe that he was lucky enough to see Quyen on her wedding day.  THIS, this is why weddings are important.  Because the people in your life want to celebrate you, they want to see the love and happiness between you and your husband.  Its moments like these that make all the planning WORTH IT.

“When I see you together, it makes me smile…”

Quyen & Ronnie, you two have always been my #powercouple!  When I see you together, it makes me smile because you are so silly and so much fun.  You have a lighthearted yet deep love for one other and you compliment each other so well.  Not to mention, you two look GREAT together.  Your wedding day was so much fun and I look forward to future game nights and trips together!  Thank you so much for letting me capture your Banff  engagement photos(and putting up with all the mosquitos!!)

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