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Huxley: Love You To The Moon and Back | First Birthday

Huxley sat on the dining table surrounded by all his friends, cousins, aunts, and uncles.  Mom put the cake in front of Huxley and everyone started singing “Happy Birthday.”  The moment he realized that we were singing for him, he erupted in laughter and cheer.  His reaction was PRICELESS!  It had to be the cutest reaction to a birthday song I’ve ever seen!  Most kids cry from all the noise and attention but Huxley embraced it!  Right when we finished singing, he DUG in to the cake.  Huxley was NOT scared.  He took a handful of icing and put the whole thing in his mouth.  Only a quarter of the icing made it in to his mouth though; the rest smeared all over his face!  It was SO cute!  Mom let him play with the cake until it was completely smashed!  Huxley had it ALL over his legs and face at the end!

We had a plan to get photos of Huxley before the guests arrived.  Of course, kids always have other plans.  He decided to nap later than usual and we kept looking at our watches.   The storm and rain were coming and we were losing light.  So, we decided to wake Huxley from his nap.  Oh my, he is such an angel!  He woke up and posed for us with huge smiles!  All it took for us to get him to smile was saying “spaghetti!”  I absolutely LOVE photographing happy and smiley kids!  It brings so much joy to me while snapping and more during editing!

Xi and Rock, thank you SO much for allowing me to capture Huxley’s first birthday party.  I seriously could not stop smiling at his reaction to his cake.  He is such a joyful and sweet little boy!  And Xi, your handmade desserts and design were perfect!  So much creativity and work!  I loved photographing it all!


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