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Moses: Gold Theme First Birthday

I was lucky enough to get Mo in front of my camera twice- once for his birthday party and another 2 weeks later.  Wow, 2 weeks and SO much had changed.  Daycare, walking, and sleep schedules… all new.    At his party, Mo was only able to take a few steps at a time.  When I saw him the second time, he was full-on walking and didn’t want to sit still!  Watching him reminded me of just how much and how quickly kids change.

Mo had a smash cake at his birthday party (a must for every 1st birthday).   There was so much love surrounding Mo.  He had over 20 sets of eyes watching as he smashed his cake.  You could just feel the adoration that his friends and family had for him.

In preparation for his second photoshoot, Melody made sure Mo was well rested and put him down to nap twice that day.  It totally worked because Mo was so cheery and smiley.  Melody and Trung, thank you so much for allowing me to capture Mo’s first birthday!  I LOVED editing the photos because Mo is such a sweet boy and his smiles make me smile! (Not to mention, his wardrobe is perfect!)  It was an honor freezing this point in time for your family!



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