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Family Reunion | Kissimmee Lakefront Park

Joseph is determined to make family a priority.  He is making an effort to reunite with his sisters regularly and is making sure his kids know their cousins.  Joseph and Yael’s family traveled all the way from Tel Aviv to spend a week with their family.  Sandy and Israel’s family traveled from Cleveland and Shoshana and Israel’s family from Miami. The entire family spent most of their time enjoying Disney and I’m sure all eight kids thoroughly enjoyed it!

We started the session with Shoshana and Israel’s beautiful family.  The two little ones gave me the cutest little smiles which, in turn, brought out their beautiful green/gray eyes!  It took a little effort but we captured some darling photos of this silly family.  Thanks to Uncle Daniel for helping get those smiles!

Sandy and Israel’s family were equally as adorable.  Little Rosie was so energetic and so ready to say “cheese.”  She actually just learned how to say the word cheese so she had a lot of fun during the shoot and we were able to get some great shots of her just by getting her to say cheese!  Her two brothers were just as fun to have in front of the camera!

Yael and Joseph’s sweet family came last and at this point, all the other kids were ready to hang out and play in the park.  It was obvious that all the boys wanted to do was play Connect 4 with their cousins!

It was a pleasure capturing this reunion for the Fuerst family!

Thank you for allowing me to document this trip for you!  Thanks for the cute smiles and the silly faces!  I know its hard to get all the family together like you did but its so worth it!  I’m sure the memories you created are priceless!  May your reunions continue and your families continue to grow together and stay in touch! #familyfirst



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