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Balagtas Family: Why I Have My Own Photos Taken Yearly

I am a true believer in capturing the memories and doing the photo shoots. It wasn’t until I became a professional photographer that I realized the importance of having my own portraits taken to help improve my client experience.  As a photographer, we can easily forget how our clients feel before, during, and after a photo session. This is why I have my own photos taken yearly.

By investing in my business and having my photos taken, I become the client.  I get to feel the nerves leading up to my session and the stress of finding matching outfits.  Worrying whether my little one is smiling and looking at the camera is something every mom feels during the session.  My favorite feeling is the joy when I see the sneak peeks for the first time!

This session is from our vacation to California.

Our son, Braydon, was 6 months old– a milestone that I think is important to capture.  So about 2 months before our vacation, I started the process of finding a photographer.  I knew I wanted someone with the same style as me, light and airy.   It took me about 2 weeks to find someone.  From the first email until the meeting, I am reminded of the importance of every communication– the client experience begins from the first email to beyond the delivery of the final product.  In my effort to become an amazing photographer, I know that it takes more than just beautiful photos to create a thriving photography business.  It takes communication, understanding, and serving.

Our entire vacation had been planned and we were supposed to have our photos taken on Friday.

I kept an eye on the weather report for that week. Rain. All day!

I kept wishing that it would change, but it didn’t. I contacted our photographer and asked if there were any other options.  In the end, we decided to move our entire trip around and switched our date.

We ended up driving 6 hours from Pismo Beach all the way to San Diego.  We skipped our plans in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.  Missed out on meeting some friends and great Korean BBQ.  But, let me tell you.  It was WORTH IT to have the photos that we envisioned in the California sunshine!

Since we made changes to our itinerary, I had no place to get ready.  So, I ended up curling my hair and doing my make up at a random hotel bathroom.  LOL  It was quite an experience!  I felt rushed and stressed.  I knew I had to prep AND get Braydon ready and fed too.

To my relief, Braydon smiled a lot at the beginning of the shoot!  He looked at the camera and was so happy.  But, he is a summer baby who loves the heat, after all.  It was 60 degrees out.  He started getting fussy.  I had to breastfeed him twice during the session.  I remember thinking,

“Come on B, the light is PERFECT right now, hurry up so we can get some more beautiful photos!”

LOL #momtographer

In the end, our session was cut a little short but I knew our photographer captured some great shots at the beginning so I wasn’t too concerned.

Fast forward a day.  We got our sneak peeks and I squealed with joy!  I was in love!  I won’t forget the excitement I had when I saw the photos.  They were perfect!!!

Each photo session is different but each time I am reminded that:

  1. Communication should be a priority.  This is why I try to reply to all messages and emails within (if not before) 24 hours
  2. The best laid plans go awry.  Having options and being flexible for my clients is just as important as a good final product.
  3. Kids’ demeanor’s can change in a second, this is why I always try to get the iconic, “look at the camera” photos first while we still have their attention
  4. Finding matching family outfits is stressful.  This is why I continue to update my Style Guide to include advice and suggestions on outfit choices.  The guide also has tips for the kids to get the most out of your session.
  5. Getting kids ready for a photo shoot is stressful.  Give yourself an extra 1-2 hours to alleviate some of the stress.


Photos by the amazing Vanessa Rose Photo  If you are ever in San Diego, you HAVE to book her.  She is the sweetest and her work is amazingggggg!


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