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Orlando Portrait Photographer: How To Plan Your Engagement Session

Congratulations!!!! You are ENGAGED!  It is such an exciting time!

Although a lot of the time that you’re engaged will be spent planning the wedding, don’t forget to take time to celebrate.  The perfect way to do so is to capture this season on camera.  Your engagement photos can be a perfect way to, not only, freeze this season, but they can also serve as Save-the-Dates.  Not to mention, they are great for slide show content at engagement and rehearsal parties and even, photos that you can hang in your home together.  So, here’s a breakdown on how to plan your engagement session.


Step 1 Choose a Photographer

Choose a photographer with the style you like– do you like the photos more dark and moody, bright and vibrant, or light and airy.  Photographers have a specific editing style and you want to make sure that its the style you envision for your photos.

I always recommend my wedding couples have at least one session with me.   Why?  Having a session with me before your wedding day will help build our relationship and make you more comfortable.

Your wedding day is such an important day that only happens once.  I will be with you the entire wedding day, capturing the most intimate moments.  An engagement session will show you how I work.  From the way that I pose you, to the terms that I use, its a great way to see how we interact.  It also ensures that we’re the perfect fit for each other.


Step 2 Choose a Date

Are you a cold weather gal or do you love the heat?

Cooler weather in Florida only happens a few months out of the year.  January-March are the best time for photos.  People prefer these months because there is less humidity and you don’t have to worry too much about having an oily face.  For those of you who get engaged in November-December, this means that you have to plan your engagement session VERY soon to take advantage of the weather.

The hottest months in Florida are July and August.  The heat and humidity are at the highest and some times, it can show in your hair and makeup.  These are usually the 2 months I advise against– orrrrrrr you can just meet me in the mountains! lol

I am here to offer suggestions on dates if you are not sure!  Just shoot me an email at LBalagtasPhotography@gmail.com or click here: Contact Me

Step 3 Choose a Location

Are you the type who wants photos in a sentimental place or do you love adventure?

Some couples choose to do photos in the city they fell in love– at a specific park or even in their homes.  Doing photos at a sentimental location can definitely add a personal touch to your photos.

Other couples choose to travel to new cities or landscapes. Whether its the mountains or beaches or snow; adventure sessions can lead to epic photos (and I am ALL for it, I love hiking and national parks!)

Joey and I traveled to multiple locations for our engagement sessions (yes, we did multiple sessions, lol)   Since we wanted to take photos in the tulip fields in Oregon, we knew that it had to happen in March.  For our Gainesville photos, we wanted to do photos in the football stadium so we chose a date where we knew the field would be painted.

Some of my favorite locations to shoot in the Orlando area are: Best Places for Photos in Orlando

Feel free to consult with me regarding locations so that we choose the right location and date for the most epic photos! Just shoot me an email at LBalagtasPhotography@gmail.com or click here: Contact Me


Step 4 Choose your Outfits

My motto: you can never be over dressed for your engagement photos.  This is your opportunity to wear that suit and don that gown.  Dapper never goes out of style!

Ladies, dresses and heels are the PERFECT outfit to wear for your session.  Say YES to a dress! Dresses and skirts look stunning because they really flatter every female body, especially on camera.

Men, long, fitted pants and closed toed shoes are the most sophisticated and masculine look.  Adding on a tie, bowtie, pocket square, colored socks, a belt, tie clip, suspenders, or a vest offers sharp complements to any outfit.

I send a style guide to all of my engaged couples to help them choose the perfect outfits for their session.

Step 5 Relax

Once you’ve got all the steps done, relax!!!  You’ve done all that you need to plan your engagement session.  The engagement period really is such a special time in your relationship and it goes by so fast.  Before you know it, you’ll be getting married!


Since you are already dressed, why not go out for a nice dinner afterwards?  It’ll be the perfect date night!

Ready to start planning your wedding?  Email me at LBalagtasPhotography@gmail.com

or visit my: Contact Lanh



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