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Salazar Family: Four Seasons Orlando | Family Session

Standing outside the Four Seasons Orlando resort, I say, “Liam, give your sister a hug.”  Liam turns towards Stella and squeezes her tightly, showing just how much he loves his sister.  You can tell that Liam has a big heart and lots of love for his family.  Full of personality, he kept wanting to do funny faces with smiles that would overtake his whole face!  The relationship that he and Stella have is so cute.  I love the way Stella looks at her big brother.  And you can tell that Liam will protect Stella (whether she likes it or not! lol) as they grow.

The Salazar family is visiting from Texas and wanted to celebrate their vacation, dad’s birthday, and dad’s recent promotion to partner at his firm.

Taking a break from Disney, Glee-Ann wanted to capture this season of their lives with photos at the beautiful Four Seasons Orlando.  As we exchanged messages and tried to plan their session, it soon became evident that we had a mutual friend, Susan.  Its such a small world!  Turns out, we are both optometrists as well.  AND Glee-Ann told me that she is Filipino-American, just like my husband, Joey.

Glee-Ann and Robert, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family while on vacation.  You little ones are ADORABLE!  I am so glad you made time in your schedule to document this trip!  Congratulations, Robert, on making partner- that is such a HUGE accomplishment!  AND happy birthday!  Glee- Ann, maybe we’ll meet again in the future at an Optometry conference or if you decide to make the journey back to Disney (if the heat didn’t scare you away)!  I hope you enjoyed your trip and please enjoy the photos!



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