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Yosemite National Park Anniversary Session

Dear Boo Bear,

It seriously feels like we’ve been married for much longer than 2 years!   I don’t say it enough, but you are such an amazing husband.  I know I have a very strong and commanding personality but you are ok with it.  You love me for it.  I am truly able to be myself with you. I am able to act as silly as I want.  I am able to dream the impossible. I am able to live the life I love because you are by my side supporting me and loving me.  I am also truly blessed to have you as my forever travel buddy— one who will climb mountains, stand on cliffs, and eat only Asian food all trip long with me.

Boo bear, your sweet soul has spoiled me for 2 years.  Your love has lifted me and allowed me to feel truly safe in your arms.  Your silliness has made me laugh uncontrollably so many times.  You are my biggest supporter and the best husband I can ever ask for.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally no matter how stubborn I’m being!  Thank you for choosing to walk this journey of life with me even though it involves heights, cliffs, and mountains that you’re fearful of.  Thank you for 2 great years of love, memories, and laughter!

And remember, I love you more than you love me!

Love always,

The best wife ever, Lanh

Most people would say “hugs and kisses” I’ll say: “sniffs, taps, and grabs”

Photos by Silver Leaf Photography 


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