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Winter Park Photographer: Winter Park Family Session

As we walked towards the Winter Park Farmer’s mart for the Harper’s family session, Issac stepped right in front of Darline in hopes that Darline would pick him up and carry him in her arms.  Darline knew this trick and instead, held his hand to walk along side her.  Issac didn’t like this and immediately started crying, wanting the comfort of his moms arms.  Because, moms are the best (being a bit biased here lol) and mom’s arms are where kids feel safest…

The Harper family has made it a tradition to do yearly family photos and I. LOVE. IT.!

Each year, Darline chooses a theme for the family.  Last year it was plaid, this year it was overalls.  As they walked up to me, I giggled because Veronica and Issac looked ADORABLE!  They definitely had me smiling the entire session with just how cute they were!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVE watching my client’s kids grow each year.  I love seeing their personality change and seeing just how big they get!   As I look at these pictures, I still can’t believe Veronica is so big and so so full of personality!  She is such a joyous kid and I love that she kept smiling for me (the candy I had helped with that, lol!)  Issac started off reserved but the moment we got some candy in him, he opened up and smiled for the camera!!

Darline & Curtis, thank you so much for choosing me to help capture your yearly, family photos.  I had so much fun and absolutely love having you in front of my camera!  You family is beautiful! Please tell Veronica to slow down and stop growing so fast!!!

PS, Darline, I’m glad you chose Winter Park for your family photos because I am LOVING the look!




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