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St Augustine Sunset Beach Session

St Augustine Sunset Beach Session:

All 24 family members made their way down the stairs.  Their toes hit the sand and they walked toward the ocean. The smell of the salt water filled the air. The sea breeze blew their hair away from their faces.  And the sound of laughter from the kids drowned the out sound of the waves crashing on the sand.  This reunion was years in the making and the Shen-Tseng family was finally able to meet in St Augustine, FL.

It’s always a pleasure having the Shen family in front of my camera.  I captured 1/3 of the family last year in Daytona Beach and this year was just as eventful.   They rented a huge beach house and spent the entire weekend catching up and bathing in the sun.  The kids loved the sand and water.  Rhyli loved it so much, her parents had to run after her every other minute because she wanted to run straight in to the ocean.  That’s what you call a free spirit!  Luke, Sam, and TJ were on the ground playing with the sand the whole time.  Little Mia and Jr ran around playing with the other kids too.

Shen-Tseng family, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your ever growing family!  Its a pleasure seeing the kids grow and capturing the joy!

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