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Kensington: Pretty in Pink | Port St Lucie 1st Birthday

We traveled to Port St. Lucie to capture Kensington’s first birthday at Traditions.  Kensie never disappoints when it comes to her posh fashion and style.  After a full day of beach-ing, brunch-ing, and napping, she arrived joyous and smiley!  It was the cutest thing to see her light up in front of the camera!

Kensie’s older sister, Shiloh, came along to assist.  The entire time, you could see and feel the bond these two had.  Kensie kept saying “hey sissy” and Shiloh would clap her hands, smile, and make funny faces just so Kensie could laugh for the camera.

It was also very obvious that it might be time for a new “puppy” because Kensie would laugh at the very sight of a dog!  Kensie also enjoyed playing with her princess ball.  There was even a point where she crawled in to the bushes to get it!

I love photographing 1 year olds because I think it’s an age where their personalities become most evident and it’s a time when everything changes so quickly.  They really are little for such a short period of time.

I’ve had the luck of working with some happy toddlers and this reminds me of why I enjoy family photography- being able to freeze a time when so much changes so quickly.  They are only little for so long!



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