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Lanh & Joey: Our Maternity Session in Snow


This February, Joey and I traveled to Colorado for our babymoon.  We decided that it would be perfect to have our maternity session done at the same time.  I’ve photographed many maternity sessions and always yearned for the day when it would be my turn.   So, I was beyond excited to have photos captured in the snow with mountains as our backdrop.

When I said I wanted snow, I didn’t anticipate a complete storm!  Upon our arrival, there was a huge snow storm!  The snow came down so quickly that the plows could not keep up with it and the roads were therefore covered!  It took us over an hour to travel 20 miles!  Thank goodness the rest of the week was snow free!

Our first session was captured by Breonna Clark ( website )at the Ice Castles (and edited by me).  We grabbed a few shots and spent the rest of the time enjoying the beauty.  The Ice Castles were located right in the heart of the Rockies in Dillon, CO.  Its this beautiful, man made ice fortress filled with tunnels, slides, and crevices to be explored.  This is definitely a MUST visit if you’re in the area!

Our session was COLD- mostly because i was wearing a super thin dress.  Despite having tights and boots on under, I still shivered every time I took off my coat.  Joey wasn’t too happy about the cold either!  He decided to hide from us at the end of the session just in case I found a new location for a photo!

After looking at the final result, I would totally do it all again because the photos were TOTALLY worth it!

Our second session was captured by Tayler Bavernder ( Website )at Mount Falcon.  We thought that since it was closer to Denver, that the weather would be more bearable.  We were wrong!  The higher altitude plus the early morning start made it even colder than the Ice Castles.  Joey told me “I am NEVER doing another photo shoot with you again!”  But we all know, “happy wife, happy life”… stay tuned for more photos LOL!

We are now under 2 months from our son’s arrival.

We’ve been wanting this for so long and its a little surreal that it’s almost time to meet him!  I can’t wait to see how he looks and watch his personality develop.  Joey continues to tell me that he will be stubborn like me (I disagree- LOL.  Me? Stubborn? NOOOO)  I would like to think that he will be smart and persistent like me! I totally think that he will have Joey’s lips and height!  Joey prays for height as well because, apparently, he’s going to play basketball…


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