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Jeff & Yin Yin: Malibu Creek | Family Session


The bubbles started floating in to the air and Elise’s eyes lit up.  She started smiling.   As the bubbles floated closer to her, she reached out her hand to grab them only to feel them pop in her hand.  The feeling made her giggle and reach for more.  We kept the bubbles coming and, in turn, the smiles kept appearing. The golden backdrop of Malibu creek was perfect for this early morning bubble session!  It was pretty obvious that Elise loved them!  And it’s always a thrill for a photographer to see such natural smiles from a toddler!

It was a pleasure documenting this season in Jeff and Yin Yin’s lives.  We planned on meeting in SoCal to reunite and decided to get some photos in as well.  Yin Yin and I have known each other since Optometry School.  We hung out, partied, and studied for 4 years together in Boston. There were many late night drinking and clubbing parties and the occasional late night study session!  Our pre and after parties at (what we self named) Club Beautiful are great memories to look back on.

I’d say that we were definitely young, wild, and free.

Fast forward 7 years and so much has changed.  There are no longer any plans to drink or party, but instead plans for brunch or early dinner!

We started off our early morning session at Malibu Creek with a grumpy baby Elise but I’m so glad the bubbles got her smiling!  She really opened up once she realized how much she loves bubbles!  Elise will be turning 2 soon and her personality is really shining through.  I love her curiosity and spunk!  Only a few more weeks and she’ll have a baby brother to adore.

Yin Yin and Jeff, thanks for allowing me to capture you beautiful and growing family.  I can’t wait to meet Owen and to see how Elise is with him!  You family is perfect!  I can’t wait for our next reunion!!



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  1. Yinyin says:

    I miss our club beautiful days!!! Although life is different we are still our sasssy (and beautiful) selves. Thank you for the amazing session, the styling tips, picking the perfect location and the posing! I’m so happy to see you pursue your passion! Hope to see you in Florida!!

    • Lanh Balagtas says:

      LOL- yes things are different, but somethings never change! You’re very welcome- it was a pleasure capturing you, jeff, elise, and owen!

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