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August 1, 2018

Luke’s First Birthday Session

What if I fall? But darling, what if you fly?

Luke was so excited for his photoshoot.  He kept smiling as we walked through the park.  Mom put him down and he stood there, looked at us, and gave us the cutest little smile.  We coached him to walk towards us.  He took 5 steps and boom, fell forward.   He cried.  It hurt him and he was not willing to try again.

I love watching kids grow.  Seeing Luke fall was heartbreaking but I knew that that was one of the many falls he’ll have.  He will fall and learn to get up again.  He’ll learn to persevere and he’ll learn to overcome his  fears.

Trang & Luke, thank you for letting me capture you first birthday session!  Being able to document this milestone was an honor!  Happy Birthday and may your many years be filled with more smiles (and a lot less falls)!



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