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Golden Retriever Puppy | In Home Session

Mandi picked up her new Golden Retriever puppy, Kenai, from his crate and placed him on the bed next to Minnie, Micky, Goofy and Daffy.  His curiosity was heightened and he began smelling each stuffed animal.  All the while, we’re trying to get him to look at us so we can snap a photo before he knocked over Minnie. It was so cute watching him sniff around and learn about the world around him.

Kenai was only a few weeks old and his urge to explore was at its highest!

Mandi and Jeremy decided to get a new puppy to add more company to the pack.  They already own 2 golden retrievers- Kono and Kylie and a cat.  Kylie is ten years old and isn’t as active as she once was.  Kono is very active so they wanted another active dog for Kono to play with.

Not only are Mandi and Jeremy new puppy owners, but they area also new home owners!  They’ve been doing a lot of renovations and adding personal touches to their home since last year.  Visiting their home totally made me want to do renovations to my own home (something I’ve been putting off for over 5 years!)

We initially wanted to start the session with tame, newborn-style photos of Kenai but he had other ideas!  He had just awoken from his nap and was ready to play!  So, we took him, Kono, and Kylie outside to snap some photos and to let them burn off some energy.

Let me tell you, Mandi and Jeremy did an amazing job training their dogs!

They are so obedient!  I loved capturing them with all their energy!  It was definitely interesting trying to keep up with Kono because he had SO much energy and he is one FAST dog!  Kylie was more tame, mostly due to her aging hips.

After about 40 minutes outside, we took the dogs inside and Kenai almost instantly laid down to rest.  We picked him up and placed him on the cold counter top and his eyes couldn’t help but shut!  It was perfect because we got the best photos of him and he didn’t move a muscle!



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