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Flores Family: Dr Phillips In Home Family Session

The Flores’ in- home family session started off with a sweet smile from little Miguel.  I said “dame un guiño” (give me a wink).  Little Miguel looked me right in the eyes, smirked, and winked his little eye.  He did it each time!   I think that was quite impressive for an (almost) two year old!  Sometimes Miguel giggled after the wink, sometimes he gave me a shy little smile.  Boy, he’s quite a charmer!

SOOO much has changed in the Flores’ lives since I last photographed them.  Not only has little Miguel grown (I’d say by more than double), but he’s now got a brand new, baby sister! Daddy Miguel finished his fellowship ANDDDDD they are home owners in the picturesque neighborhood of Dr Phillips!

It really is a joy to be able to photograph families every year(ish)!  Seeing the kids grow in both physical size and personality is truly amazing to witness and capture!  I CANNOT believe the size of Miguel’s personality!  Michelle and Daddy Miguel, he’s going to be a little heartbreaker!

Baby Sofia was just a littleeee milk drunk during our session, so I wasn’t able to gauge her personality. But, if it’s going to be anything liker her bigger brother’s I TOTALLY look forward to capturing it in the future!  And, from the looks of it, she’s going to be SO SO SO loved by her big brother!

Michelle and Miguel, it was so great catching up and seeing you two again!  Thank you so much for allowing me in to your lives and letting me capture this in home family session for you!  Congratulations again on the new baby, the new job, and the new home!  You two are rocking it as parents!




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