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Carolyn & Brian: Alfond Inn Wedding Brunch

The sound of a bustling restaurant at  was drowned out by the tap of a spoon on a water glass.  Carolyn and Brian’s Alfond Inn wedding brunch had just started. Brendon had the spoon in his hand and was tapping on his water glass to indicate that he was ready to give a speech.  A speech that I’m sure he practiced.  A speech that was such a perfect representation of Carolyn and Brian’s love.

“Thank you Brian for loving my mom and being a great step-dad.”

It was obvious that Brendon was excited for the next journey in their lives as a family of 5. When a son can see the love and kindness that a man has for his mom and appreciate it, that shows that his mom found the perfect match.  That is a testament to Brian’s character as a mate and father.

Carolyn and Brian, congratulations!!!  I hope you enjoyed your time in Florida (and that the heat didn’t tire you out too much). And, I hope that you’re having a blast on your honeymoon!  Your family is beautiful!  May your marriage continues grow.  And may your lives together be filled with more love, joy, and happiness! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your wedding brunch at Alfond Inn!




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